Richard Bornemann

Richard Bornemann majored in architecture and received his degree from the University of Maryland. After working with an award winning firm in Washington D.C. after college, he returned to his first love, drawing and illustration. With�the development of faster computers in the mid-1990’s he transitioned his work entirely to digital illustration and animation and has worked exclusively with these tools for the last 14 years.

The style of his work is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, color, lighting, and realism. His background in architectural design and technology allows him to quickly understand complex subject matter, and develop a visual that communicates the client’s concept with a high degree of clarity.

Richard is also an accomplished digital fine artist and has shown his work in galleries and shows throughout the U.S. He is a 3 time winner of the Macworld Digital Art competition and one time winner at Seybold. His work is featured in the book “Secrets of Award Winning Digital Artists” (Wiley Press).

Richard lives and works in Acton, Massachusetts with his wife and two children.