Anne Thiery

Born in 1974 in Champagne, northeast of Paris , Anne Thiery is a French illustrator and artist whose creativity and insight are much sought after. After studying at the Beaux Arts in Paris, she started her career as a graphic designer at Graffiti BBDO. Known as a professional illustrator, she has worked on all aspects of the creative process. She decided to depict with delicacy and without irony the unreachable perfection of organic life. This led her to create the romantic and dream-like universe of the perfumes by Cacharel, and the animated TV scenery for the products of the Japanese brand, Kanebo.

L’ Artisan Parfumeur entrusted her with its image for the launch of the numbered edition of their orange blossom fragrance. Last year she was awarded the Jasmin prize by the French Perfume Committee.

She has illustrated for magazines such as Glamour, Isa, ELLE, and other cult publications: SENSO or Gloss International. She has been approached by Coilgyrls in Japan to create a textile collection reflecting her world. In 2006 she created the event at the art gallery, Chez Antoine, in Paris, presenting a series of works in the image of sulphides and crystal millefiori. Her first illustrated book will be launched soon.There is already a buzz about it in L’Officiel magazine!

Every new piece of work comes into being in Anne’s peaceful countryside studio. Every stroke, every tint, every superposition, is the fruit of a fascinating study.